URL address: Foundyouths.org

Objective: Found Youths was launched with the primary aim of connecting the global youths through blogging and ICT

Abass – Fy Founder

Mission: our mission is to help the global youths (especially Africans), to take advantage of ICT, know the right way to use ICT, the benefits of digital media in today’s living etc.


The rate of unemployed youths and graduates is gradually inclining and it’s a global concern, because most youths in Asian and Africa commits suicide daily due to frustration of not getting a job after spending years in the University.

On Foundyouths, we want to help youths see the need of the word Leverage.

We want to change their mindset about job, education and school.

We want to educate them on how to search for problems in the society and start giving solutions instead of complaining about the government and situations they can’t change.

How they can make a living without waiting for the government, religious bodies or anyone.

In today’s digital world, the richest entrepreneurs are problem solvers and we want to help the youths see the need of entrepreneurship and how they can build and grow their own business empire.

On Found youths, we have 4 major sections. The technology, youths innovations, Interviews and the opportunities sections.

The Technology section will provide latest tech gadget, their uses and how it can help any body in the world make life easier.

The youths innovations section will explain what youths all round the world are inventing or launching and how he or she started before getting to that height.

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