Things you should do before starting a new blog in 2020

You’re welcome. I want to show you the basic things you should know and start doing before starting a new blog and also how to start a blog and link you up with a professional who has been blogging for over 6 years now and can help you start making money blogging.

Below are what you should know before starting your blog.

Make sure you implement the below tips if you want to have a successful blog

1. Start building your audience: before your blog launch, create social media handles for your blog on all top platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc).

2. Get ideas from your audience: start with questions, polls, etc.


3. Know who your audience is: study your audience carefully.

  • Know the kind of content they need.
  • Their education level.
  • Their age. Etc


4. Write as much content as possible.


5. Create your blog at this point.

You can decide to use a free Blogger platform, but if you want to go professional, use WordPress.

A nice theme or template will help make your blog appealing.

Or hire a pro to ease you the stress.


6. Build your email list.
One of the best things to do is to start growing an email list.

It’s really helpful.

It’ll help you get returning visitors to your blog.

Even if you don’t plan on using the list now, just build the list, you’ll use in the future.


7. Love your existing readers: reply every meaningful comment on your blog.

Thank them for reading your blog and ask them to visit next time.


8. Focus on building an amazing call-to-action.

At the end of every blog post, tell your readers what you want them to do before leaving your blog.

You can ask them to follow your social media handles or subscribe to your email list or Youtube channel

You can also tell them about the services you offer, introduce your products to them and so on.


9. Be consistent.
Every business requires patience and commitment.

Don’t be discouraged because of poor blog traffic or poor earnings.

Keep doing what you do till you have your desired result. Persistent and hard work is the key to a successful blogging career.


10. Have a publishing schedule

If you’re on a micro-niche like a tech, how-tos guide, etc.

Having a publishing schedule will help your readers know when they should expect new content(s) from your blog.

But no matter anything, keep updating your blog

It helps search engines too.


Bonus point: Give away your knowledge.

Whatever your field of specialization is, share your knowledge free through your blog.

Give free tips, giveaways.

The result is that some readers will mail you for premium mentorship.



Who can have a blog?

Anybody can have a blog. Whether you run a small or large scale business or an NGO, you can have a professional and profitable blog

Any offline business needs a blog.

A blog gives your business a higher visibility score on the web.

A professional blog with quality relevant contents makes you become an authority in your niche.

Blogs are also useful for answering frequently asked questions about your business, brand, etc.



What next?

Take action! Start a blog before this year runs out

Then see the boost in your business.

No idea how to start?
I can be your aid.


Do you have a dying blog?

If yes, let’s revamp it!

Whatsapp me or contact us let’s set up a professional blog for you

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