Core SEO Techniques for Organic Traffic Growth!

Most people get confused by the information they see when they’re just starting with SEO. SEO Techniques are basically what changes time to time as algorithm also changes.

They’re too many tactics out there.

But few are major tactics that works

The worst part is that this too many tactics can discourage you from practicing SEO.

The new algorithms introduced by Google also makes it scary.


However, it doesn’t have to be scary to learn more about search engine optimization.

That’s the reason I’ve decide to breakdown the most important things to do, the best techniques used by most top blogs to skyrocket their search engine traffic.


I’ll nail the hammer on the head as usual.


the below tips will help you grow your blog or website’s search traffic, if you implement the techniques carefully while designing your blog or site and while creating content as well.


1. Start with optimizing your site for mobile devices:

this the major and number 1 on the list.

Mobile friendliness is key.


2. HTTPS integrated.

3. Lengthy contents.

Blog articles that are 2000 words and above perform better on search engine result page (SERP).


4. Understand how search engine users search.

5. Write for humans, optimize for search engines.

6. Stay up-to-date with the latest changes in SEO.

Search engines algorithm changes time to time.

Google for example, change their algorithm almost every month.

So make sure you’re aware of the changes and it’s effects.


7. Learn the most important ranking factors.

Web page Speed

Content length/quality

Blog authority etc


8. Never underestimate UX.

User experience… User experience… User experience.

If you manage to rank number 1 or among the first 10 results, if users are having a bad experience with your blog, they’ll leave immediately and that will signal Google bots.

And they’ll remove your blog immediately from that position.

So be careful of pop ups, redirection, thin contents, unprofessional design and other things that may cause high bounce rate.


9. Discover the link between social media and SEO.

Social shares are also important to SEO.


10. Fix up your website structure for better SEO.

It’s true that not all designs are SEO friendly.


11. Prepare a detailed link building plan.

One way to build blog authority is back link.

And also one of the easiest way to ruin blog or website authority.

So make sure you hire a pro SEO nornad.


Bonus. Get backlinks with diverse, unique anchor texts & different keywords.

Also be patient, if you don’t rank today, you’ll rank and bank tomorrow.

Domain age matters too.
So keep calm and create quality contents while you’re waiting for your domain to mature.

So here are the main SEO techniques I’ve been using for years.


Your website’s search engines traffic will skyrocket, if you execute the above pro techniques.

Happy blogging!


About Author

Abasifreke Asuquo is a professional search engine optimisation. He has been practising SEO since 2013. He has ranked a lot of competitive keywords for brands and companies in Africa, Asia, Europe and beyond

He’s a technical writer and he share his ideas on his blog on his leisure.

He’s a tech lover, web designer, software developer, etc.

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