You Don’t Have A Money Problem, You Have A Skill Problem!

Have you ever wondered why most young people are frustrated in life and depressed?

Have you ever seen a case of a grown man or woman of 30 years or above, still relying on his or her parent or siblings for pocket money?

The reason is;
most young people haven’t discovered their purpose on earth, why they’re here! Uh, That’s sad!

But self-discovery should be the first thing to do before or after leaving secondary school, before even proceeding to higher institution

The major question every young person should answer is “Why?”.

And if you don’t answer this important question “WHY?” before age 30, you’ll spend the rest of your life regretting.

And if you allow another person to give an answer for you, capital SORRY!

Because, you’ll live to elevate another man’s dream, another person that was able to give the answer to his “Why?” will be using you to elevate his or her own vision.

So before complaining about the bad economy, before blaming the government, before blaming poor family background, ask yourself this 2 important questions;

* How useful am I to my generation?
* What problem can I solve?

And if you find out that you can’t solve a problem, be it tangible or minute problem(s), then know that you’re causing the problem(s)

Quote me right “If you’re not solving a problem, then you’re causing one!”.

A friend told me about his elder sibling who has been relying on him for pocket money and school miscellaneous fees for years. And made it became a habit.

Why do we have such a scenario in our society?

The younger one is a problem solver, the elder who was always demanding, had no skill and was after gaining the best certificate in order to increase his employable chance.

Right now say to yourself, my existence shall not be a problem for my generation.

Have you ever wondered why lazy people love saying “show me joy”?

The reason is that their mind has been deviated from the positivity, making them to believe that they can’t make it.

We all have 24 hours per day, but what makes us different is what we do with the little time we have.

We all have 1 head, but what makes us different is our ability to learn new things daily.

Therefore, invest your time in learning new skills, new techniques, etc.

Below are 10 skills that are selling faster than Garri:

1. Social Selling
2. Search Engine Marketing
3. Video
4. Content Marketing
5. Social Media
6. Strategy and Planning
7. Analytics
8. Pay-Per-Click Marketing
9. Email Marketing
10. Software/Web Development

The list is enormous.

With the above skills, you’re limitless.

Nobody, I say nobody can hinder your growth.

Take a look at the below lines and have a second deep thought on them.

1. When you’re praying seriously to graduate with a first class so that you’ll have a good job, someone somewhere is building an AI robot that will replace employees.

2. While you are preparing to write the best CV for a job you have been waiting for 5years, someone somewhere is building a machine that will replace employees in the workspace.

Don’t pursue Certificate, Pursue Sabiticate.

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